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Compassionate Mental Health Advocates

Supporting you to stand in your power so you may recognize and acknowledge your strengths and abilities to move forward in a way that promotes your overall wellness goals.

A Mindful Practice Rooted in Métis Ownership, Embracing Storytelling and Community

Our Métis Roots

Nurturing Healing From Cultural Heritage

At Breland Counselling, our founder Ashley, a proud member of the Red River Métis community, is on her own journey of reconnection. With roots bearing names like Arcand, Pichet, Boyer, McKay, and Wells, Ashley is rediscovering her Métis heritage, values, teachings, and ways of knowing.

Her personal journey deeply shapes our therapeutic approach, creating a space that honors and welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to explore their own paths to healing and growth.

Learning from the rich wisdom of her Métis ancestors, Ashley on a journey to integrate traditional Métis values, teachings, and healing practices into her own therapeutic approach.

Through this process of discovery and exploration, she seeks to honour her heritage and create a space where folks can begin to reconnect with their own stories and cultural identity, drawing strength from the roots of their own ancestry.

As a Métis-owned counselling practice, cultural sensitivity is at the core of everything we do. We recognize the importance of understanding and respecting the unique cultural backgrounds of our clients, and we strive to create a safe and welcoming space for individuals from all walks of life to explore their healing journey.

Woman sitting on a blue couch in a living room, smiling at the camera, holding a book, with a colorful blanket beside her and a painting on the wall.

"Piminahk awa kapakastik awa manitowahk nanawasikonikot nistohtamâson"

“Healing our people through culturally conscious therapy.” ~ in Michef

Fat-Positive & Body Inclusive
Counselling Practice

Woman holding a book titled "more than a body" with the focus on the book cover, partially obscuring her face.
​We are committed to the following...

Fat acceptance in our space...

Fat acceptance acknowledges that all bodies, including large ones, deserve respect and have inherent worth. Fat acceptance has roots in social liberation, with a focus on dismantling the oppression that people face due to their size. In a society that’s filled with anti-fat rhetoric, fat acceptance is about feeling proud, loved, and cared for in one’s body.

Inclusivity is inherently important, and this applies to people of all races, religions, sizes, and physical appearances.

When we discriminate against someone for how they look, we automatically risk making false assumptions about their behavior or values. These implicit biases can have devastating consequences for individuals and our society at large. Fat acceptance allows for more compassion and respect for this marginalized population.

Body Neutrality...

In recent years, some people have shifted away from body positivity to a body neutrality approach. Body neutrality refers to acknowledging and accepting your body for what it is. The focus is on how your body functions rather than how it looks. This movement is also important, and is personal rather than political.


Our team

With diverse backgrounds and expertise, the compassionate minds behind Breland Counselling & Consulting are dedicated to guiding you on your journey to healing.

Ashley Breland from Breland Counselling, smiling with long brown hair, wearing a black blouse and red earrings, standing in a modern kitchen with white cabinets and black pendant lights.

Ashley Breland

Owner | R.S.W., B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W

Works with individuals 18 years+

Special interest in boundaries, grief/loss, trauma, body trust, and women’s health.

Supports within a Narrative Therapy, Attachment Theory, Feminist Theory and Anti-Oppressive/Anti-Racist Theory, Acceptance-based Therapy lens

A smiling woman, Heather Kernohan, sitting on a gray couch holding a book titled "More than a body." she wears a white lace jacket and a gold necklace.

Heather Kernohan

R.S.W., B.S.W., M.S.W

Works with individuals 25 years+, & couples

Special interest in grief/loss, interpersonal dynamics in families, relationships, and the workplace, body image concerns, body neutrality.

Supports within Narrative Therapy, The Generalist-Eclectic Approach, Attachment and Relational Theory, Client-Centered Theory, Feminist Theory and Anti-Oppressive/Anti-Racist Theory lens.

A woman, Joy Hiatt, with curly hair wearing glasses, a beige jacket, and blue jeans sits smiling on a gray couch, with an abstract painting in the background.

Joy Hiatt

B.S.W., R.S.W

Special interest in  youth, trauma, substance misuse, communication, grief, self-esteem, life transitions, conflict resolution, and emotional regulation.

Supports within a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Strength Based, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy lens.

Woman, Ivy Armstrong, in a bright pink blazer and blue glasses sitting on a gray armchair, smiling at the camera.

Ivy Armstrong

(Mus Ed), BA, PDC,. RSW.

Special interest in working with couples, relationships, marriage, and pre-martial. Utilizing an emotionally focused lens for couples therapy.

Supports within an Emotionally Focused Couples & Individual Therapy, Attachment Theory, Narrative Therapy, Feminist Theory and Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Racist Theory lens.

A woman, Hillary Wand, smiling at the camera, seated on a white chair in a bright room, wearing a plaid blazer and black trousers.

Hillary Wand

B.Hsc., B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W

Special interest with depression, anxiety, substance use or trauma related to their relationships, family, or life circumstances.

Supports within a Somatic Experiencing®, Attachment Theory, Narrative Therapy, Feminist Theory and Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Racist Theory, Harm Reduction lens.

Woman in a green sweater sitting on a blue couch, smiling, with a coastal painting in the background and a potted plant to the side.

Brette Crockett

R.S.W., B.S.W., M.S.W

Special interest in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, and sexual violence support.

Specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Attachment Theory, Parts Work, Acceptance-based Therapy, Critical Social Theories, Feminist Theory and Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Racist Theory lens.

A woman, Jessie-Lee Reese, with red hair smiling, seated on a white couch, wearing a pink sleeveless top and a gray cardigan, with her arms crossed over her knee.

Jessie-Lee Reese

Administrative Assistant

At Breland Counselling, we do things differently.

We provide a person-centered and heart-centered approach to therapy, emphasizing your individual expertise in your own life while create a welcoming, supportive environment for you to feel heard and understood.

We offer complimentary 15 minute consultations to ensure you are working with the best therapist for your needs. 

Five female Counsellors from Breland Counselling in Saskatoon smiling and posing, one making a peace sign, in a brightly lit room with a modern aesthetic.

Providing in person, in-home, walk & talk, virtual and phone appointments to youth 13 years +, adult's, and couples that reside in Saskatchewan.

We are honoured to be approved therapists with NIHB serving anyone who holds Treaty status. We are also approved through Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Victim Services.

Payment and Insurance Plans

Breland Counselling & Consulting accepts all major credit cards, debit, Apple pay, Google pay, and e-transfers. Our services are covered by insurance plans that reimburse clinical counselling provided by a Registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Associated of Social Workers. It is the responsibility of the client to confirm coverage with their benefit provider. Receipts will be provided for insurance claim submissions.

Our Values

Collectively, these values represent the core principles that guide Breland Counselling & Consulting in its mission to provide effective and compassionate mental health and emotional support.

Our therapeutic approaches prioritize creating a compassionate and empathetic environment. We believe in actively listening to your unique story, providing a space where you can feel seen and heard without judgment.

Our counselling practice operates from a trauma-informed lens, recognizing the impact of trauma on mental health. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment for healing, understanding the importance of addressing trauma in the therapeutic process.

  • Professional Development: We are committed to continuous professional development through clinical supervision, ensuring that our counsellors receive guidance, support, and ongoing education to enhance their skills and effectiveness.
  • Best Practices: Our clinical supervision practices adhere to the highest ethical standards, promoting best practices in counselling to provide quality care for our clients.
  • Reflective Practice: Through regular clinical supervision, our counsellors engage in reflective practice, fostering a culture of learning, self-awareness, and growth.
  • Quality Assurance: Clinical supervision serves as a means of quality assurance, contributing to the overall excellence of our counselling services.
  • Ethical Oversight: We prioritize ethical oversight in all aspects of our counselling practice, and clinical supervision plays a crucial role in maintaining ethical standards.

Our mission centers around supporting individuals to stand in their power and work towards overall wellness goals. We aim to facilitate personal growth, resilience, and a profound sense of self-compassion, empowering clients to move forward in a way that promotes their well-being.

At Breland Counselling and Consulting, we are committed to dismantling systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, diet culture, fatphobia, ableism, healthism, genderphobia, and ageism. We recognize that these constructs are perpetuated by systems, not individuals, and we hold those systems accountable for their negative impacts.

As advocates and providers, we are mindful of our positionality and the inherent power dynamics in our roles. We actively support efforts to change systems and institutions.

At Breland Counselling and Consulting, we believe in the power of collaboration. We understand that the changes we work for may extend beyond our lifetimes. We trust in each other’s work and prioritize collective well-being.

We recognize that scarcity and competition can erode trust and hinder meaningful collaboration, so we strive to create an environment where everyone’s needs are centered and supported.

At Breland Counselling and Consulting, we foster a community culture based on relationships, collective care, connection, and accountability. We prioritize creating inclusive spaces and events that cater to the diverse needs of our community members.

Rather than emphasizing competition, we value mutual support and solidarity in our pursuit of healing and growth.

At Breland Counselling and Consulting, we prioritize centering the experiences of the most marginalized and targeted bodies as the key to true liberation. Our unlearning and work aims to shift the focus away from body scrutiny and back onto the impacts of trauma and oppression. We place trust in the knowledge and lived experiences of the individuals we engage with, recognizing their resilience and wisdom in navigating challenging circumstances.

Rather than emphasizing competition, we value mutual support and solidarity in our pursuit of healing and growth.