The Role of Physiotherapy in Whole Person Care in Saskatoon

How can we sift through the noise? There are a lot of health and wellness buzzwords out there and it can be hard to discern what’s real, what’s a sales pitch, and what is the correct service for what you need to feel well. One of the many buzzwords is whole person care or holistic […]

Making Friends with Food

We’ve made it through another holiday season! It’s a time of year that can be tricky for people when it comes to food. Worrying about eating too much, fearing missing out on holiday fun if you don’t eat the delicious treats, wondering what others think of your food choices, and internally (or externally) keeping track […]

Embracing the Chaos: A Mother’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

A woman with red hair sitting in a salon chair, wearing a white sweater and black pants, smiling at the camera as she embraces chaos on her entrepreneurship journey.

In the chaotic life of motherhood, marriage, entrepreneurship, and owning my own business. I’ve discovered the sweet spot where challenges transform into opportunities and dreams are within reach. Balancing the demands of three children and a husband while navigating the unpredictableness of a business world can feel like a juggling act, but let me assure […]

Marginalized No More: We are Now Seen and Heard

A woman with long black hair smiling, wearing a light-colored sweatshirt with a geometric logo, is seen standing against a pale metal wall.

Growing up in a Métis family that struggled with addictions was not always easy. Sadly, I witnessed the death of my father when I was eleven years old and later in life, my mother’s suicide. Having experienced plenty of trauma throughout my life has left me with anxiety and complex PTSD. So, I sat there […]

We are Mothers, Not Martyrs

A woman with red hair leaning on a fallen birch tree in a forest surrounded by autumn leaves, embodies the spirit of empowerment.

martyr: a person who sacrifices something of great value for the sake of a principle – victimizes themselves for the benefit of others – takes on the role of a hero As a teacher, caregiver, and parent myself, I am frequently inundated with the rules for what falls under the “gold standard” for raising children. […]

Beauty in the Stillness

A woman, Joy Hiatt, with curly hair wearing glasses, a beige jacket, and blue jeans sits smiling on a gray couch, with an abstract painting in the background.

I was at the dog park early one morning. The clouds overhead were thick and low, muting any ambient noise. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with the stillness, and felt a moment of pure peace. Those moments, when the world goes quiet, can be so powerful! We are bombarded with lights, colours, and noise […]