Closing 2023, Welcoming 2024

There is something special about the switch from one year to another.   As someone who really doesn’t enjoy Christmas, I look forward to New Years Eve – which is my favourite holiday.  Every year I take part in reflecting on the last year, and visioning for the upcoming year.   It seems like a bit of […]

Choosing me

A woman in a white sports tank top and sunglasses, smiling and raising her arms in a celebratory pose under a "Choosing me" finish line arch at an outdoor event.

The past few years have been difficult. Being a mom to young kids, surviving a pandemic, being a healthcare worker, and continuously grieving the loss of a parent and how that has impacted my family. I have often felt lonely, heartbroken, fatigued and overwhelmingly anxious. I am someone who has literally laid awake at night […]

Beauty in the Stillness

A woman, Joy Hiatt, with curly hair wearing glasses, a beige jacket, and blue jeans sits smiling on a gray couch, with an abstract painting in the background.

I was at the dog park early one morning. The clouds overhead were thick and low, muting any ambient noise. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with the stillness, and felt a moment of pure peace. Those moments, when the world goes quiet, can be so powerful! We are bombarded with lights, colours, and noise […]