Empowering Change: Trusted Counsellor Services in Saskatoon

At Breland Counselling & Consulting, our mission is to offer personalized counselling services that support individuals to stand in their own power to reclaim their inner strength.

Whether you seek support as an individual, a couple, or a young person, our aim is to accompany you on your path, providing guidance and encouragement as you navigate your distinct journey toward healing and personal development.

Providing in person, in-home, walk & talk, virtual and phone appointments to youth 13 years +, adults, and couples that reside in Saskatchewan.

Five mental health therapists from Saskatoon smiling at the camera, seated and standing in a modern living room setting with neutral-toned furniture and decor.

The Breland Counselling Approach


Counselling & Therapy

Individual Counselling

Tailored therapy sessions for individuals aged 13 years and older. Our services encompass therapy for trauma, grief, boundary setting, and more, providing personalized support for your unique journey.

Couples Counselling

Therapy sessions designed to support couples seeking relationship advice, looking to strengthen communication, deepen connection to navigate challenges together, foster healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Youth Counselling

Therapeutic support specifically tailored for youth aged 13 years and older, offering a safe space to explore emotions, develop coping strategies, and navigate life transitions with guidance and understanding.

Pregnancy, Postpartum & Family Support

Specialized counselling services addressing issues related to pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, perinatal loss, fertility challenges, and birth trauma. Our compassionate approach provides support and guidance during significant life transitions.

Walk & Talk Counselling

Counselling sessions conducted outdoors during a walk, integrating fresh air and movement to enhance the therapeutic process. Embrace nature while exploring your emotions and working towards personal growth.

Empowering Organizations

Consulting, Training, and Wellness Solutions

Consulting Services

Psychological health and safety consulting services for businesses and organizations, promoting employee well-being and fostering a supportive work environment.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Training programs aimed at improving understanding and response to mental health challenges, equipping individuals with essential skills to support themselves and others in times of need.

Public Speaking & Wellness Sessions

Educational and public speaking sessions on various wellness topics, empowering individuals and organizations to prioritize mental health and well-being.

You Are

The Driver of your Journey

We’re dedicated to empowering individuals like you to recognize your strengths, stand in your power, and pursue your wellness goals with confidence and purpose. 

You are the expert of your life and we are here to provide clarity and tools to guide your journey of healing and growth.

Ashley Breland, owner of Breland Counselling and Consulting in a black blouse and jeans sitting on a gray couch, smiling at the camera with her hand on her chin.

Registered Saskatoon Counsellors

At Breland Counselling, we depart from conventional teaching models. We hold a firm belief in the innate resources within individuals. Our approach is rooted in storytelling, where each person’s narrative serves as a map to their inherent strengths. Through the art of storytelling, we guide individuals in exploring their own tales, uncovering the hidden gems of resilience and wisdom within.

Our role is to serve as compassionate storytellers, walking alongside individuals as they embark on the journey of self-discovery, illuminating the paths to their own empowerment and healing.

We are honoured to be approved therapists with NIHB serving anyone who holds Treaty status. We are also approved through Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Victim Services.